Turkey Avocado Sandwich

Quick & Easy Turkey Avocado

1 min
0 min


  • 1 Lender’s® Bagel, any flavor
  • Mayonnaise, jar already open
  • Deli sliced turkey, container open and next to you on your right side
  • 2-3 Slices of bacon, already cooked, also next to you on your right side
  • 2 Leaves of lettuce, on your left side
  • ½ Avocado, pit removed and pre-sliced


  1. Open Lender’s bagel and set down
  2. Scoop a dollop of mayonnaise and spread along both halves of Lender’s bagel, not worrying how even it is
  3. With your right hand quickly throw slices of turkey on one half of the bagel
  4. With your left hand quickly throw both leaves of lettuce on top of the turkey
  5. With your right hand slap the bacon on top of the lettuce
  6. With both hands (and a spoon) scoop the half avocado and plop it on top of the bacon
  7. Quickly put the empty bagel half on top of the other to make a sandwich
  8. Eat at your leisure