Celebrating 85 years of Premium Bagels.


It all began with a delicious idea. In 1927, Lender’s offered a crunchy-on-the-outside, chewy-on-the-inside bagel. The taste was irresistible. Its popularity grew, bite by bite. Lender’s expanded over the years, offering new kinds of bagels. And it became the first brand of bagels to be available in all three food categories – frozen, refrigerated and fresh.

Lender’s bagels have become a staple for breakfast because they are tasty, healthy, satisfying, easy and convenient at a bargain price.

Lender’s bagels are shaped, not stamped out, so each bagel has a unique size and shape. And they are water-boiled and hearth-baked directly in the oven, making them authentic bagels.

The familiar Lender’s logo has become a symbol of that authenticity…dating back to a delicious idea 80 years ago.

The Lender's Story
Graphics by Willie Evans